Car Keys with Chips Replacement

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Most modern vehicles come with transponder keys, which are also known as keys with chips. This serves as a security measure and makes it harder for criminals to steal your vehicle. However, just like any other item, you may end up misplacing your keys or losing them completely, If this happens, there is no need to panic, you just need to call us and we will be happy to assist you.

We are a professional auto locksmith company that can easily replace your transponder keys in a fairly lower price than what the dealership would offer.

The biggest advantage is that we have mobile vans that are well equipped and as such, we will come to where you are and replace your key while you wait. Due to advanced technology and modern equipment that we have invested in, your key will be duplicated on the spot.

Unique Car Keys

The keys with chips are advanced and in most modern age vehicle. Each of the transponder keys has a unique code, which will only work if you have the right chip in the ignition. We have moved with the times and as such, it will be easier for us to replace the chip keys for your vehicle.

When you go to a local locksmith, chances are that they will tell you will need to have the original key to have the chip key replaces. However, our experienced technicians will create a new chip key as a replacement and program it in such a manner that the vehicle’s computer is able to read the chip key.

What We Need to Replace the Chip Keys

As mentioned earlier, we have modern equipment to cut your keys. All you will need is to inform us the model of your vehicle and year of manufacture. As long as you have proof of ownership and can provide the Vehicle Identification Number, then we will be able to create a new key with chip for your car.

We will be patient with you and allow you to test the new chip key that we have created so as to ensure that it is working as required. Anytime you go to an auto dealer for the replacement of your chip key, you can be sure that it will cost you a fortune. We are here to spare you the agony and the advantage is that it will force you to break your bank to get a key replacement.

Allow the Experts to Replace Your Chip Key

The process of replacing your chip key is detailed and needs to be handled by experts. Remember that smart keys are designed to provide excellent security for your vehicle and as such, you cannot compromise on that.

Do not just go to anyone to have the key replaced; go to the experts. We have a good track record and a reputation that we have created as a reliable and trustworthy auto locksmith company.

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