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When you get into a new home, you always want to be sure that you are safe within those walls. If the house has just been constructed, you might even prefer to have a locksmith come to install the locks just to be sure that no one else has access. While this is fine, there are many other services that residential locksmiths provide. They include:

Security Assessment

A good residential locksmith will provide security assessments for your home that is informed by the lock system that you have. How vulnerable is it? Which parts of the house are areas of weakness? These are all important questions that your locksmith should answer. It helps to determine the work that needs to be done on the house.

Additionally, this information will help show you what additional locks you may need. For example, you may opt for glass door and window locks which are connected to alarms. These will be triggered in case an intruder tries to gain access to your home.

Emergency Lockout Services

Many times people end up locking themselves out of their homes and apartments. It can be very frustrating or even dangerous. If you have a toddler in the house that is unable to help you gain access into the house but still able to crawl around, there are so many opportunities to get hurt. If any of your electrical appliances were on, they could cause a fire and other damages. You therefore need to get a locksmith to help you gain access into your house.

For this, you want a locksmith whose response is prompt. This will be beneficial to you because you can then enter your home in a matter of minutes. Getting a locksmith who delays could be detrimental as you might have to wait hours for any help. Depending on the severity of the case, this will not be beneficial because by then you could have found a different solution such as breaking a window to gain access to your home.

Lock Replacement

Locksmiths replace locks in your home if you so wish. In certain cases, you might find that burglars broke into your home and damaged the locks. This leaves you vulnerable to another burglary attempt. To curb this, it is important to get a locksmith who will respond immediately and replace your locks. You would need to feel safe and a delay in this would not be helpful.  You might also want to replace your locks in case you lost your keys or they were stolen. In this case, you want the assurance that no one is able to gain access into your home without permission. The only way to ensure the previous set of keys does not work would be to replace the locks.

In addition to lock replacement, locksmiths also rekey your locks. This would help you get a new set of keys. If you also want to duplicate the keys you have for whatever reason, a residential locksmith is the professional to look out for.

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