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Automotive Locksmith Services

Car Locksmith in RGV

Automotive Locksmith rgvHave you ever misplaced your car keys?

At Premier Locksmith we know that creating a spare set of keys just does not make the top of our priority list in the midst of life’s responsibilities.

Each member of the Premier Locksmith family is trained, certified, and insured in order to provide you with the best possible service.

If you need fast, courteous, and professional vehicle key replacement services, contact Premier Locksmith now!

Many of today’s cars are equipped with automated locks, which require a remote key device in order to enter the vehicle. Is your remote key device damaged, missing, or simply no longer working? 

At Premier Locksmith we provide you with outstanding service when you need us most.

Don’t waste time and money waiting for an appointment elsewhere. Our experienced locksmiths are ready and waiting to replace or program your vehicle key right now. 

We know your time is precious – and it’s precious to us, too. 

Call us now for fast, friendly service!

open trunk service mcallen

Trunk Opening

You probably don’t have the right equipment or the patience for car trunk unlocking.

In your frustration, you could force it, which is even worse and could result in more damages.

If you call one of our local locksmiths, in a brief moment this problem will be solved.

Car Key Duplication

Car keys are useful and you cannot gain access or even drive the vehicle without the keys.

When you have damaged or lost your car keys, we have you covered as we can duplicate the key on the spot.

We are aware that the modern vehicles use transponders and smart keys, which are programmed to work with the vehicle.

car key cutting mcallen

Car Key Cutting

Back in the day, key cutting, was just a simple task, because the locks were not as complicated, as the modern one.

Anytime that you need to have your key cut or replaced, you will need to find a professional locksmith company, with the skills and experience to accomplish the task.

Call us today and We’ll be happy to assist you.

Automotive Locksmith rgv

Car Key Replacement

If you have lost such keys, you do not need to worry, since we will replace the keys and program them so as to give you all the functionality that you will need with your vehicle.

Call us or visit us now, we also have a mobile locksmith service.

Emergency lockout

When you lose your keys, we regard this as an emergency and this is why we will not sit in an office waiting for you to come to us.

We have a mobile team of technicians, who are well-equipped to come to your rescue.

Key Programming and Reprogramming

Modern vehicles come with immobilizer keys, transponders and other electronic and laser keys.

We program the key so as to make compatible with your vehicle and also disable all the other keys from the database of the car’s computer.

Door cylinder replace mission

Door Cylinder Replace / Fix Cars and Trucks

There are many reasons that you may need a car door lock cylinder replacement.

Though the issue with most car troubles is, every complication could stem from a variety of sources.

We are experts at fixing car and truck doors, give us a call and request a free quote now.

Transponder car key programming mcallen

Transponder Key Programming

Most modern vehicles come with transponder keys, which are also known as keys with chips.

This serves as a security measure and makes it harder for criminals to steal your vehicle. However, just like any other item, you may end up misplacing your keys or losing them completely, If this happens, there is no need to panic, you just need to call us and we will be happy to assist you.

Broken Car Keys Extraction

If your keys are damaged or broken, we will not only replace the key, but also repair the ignition and the lock on your car doors.

The only thing that we require from our clients is the proof of ownership of the vehicle, before we can start the work.

We are a locksmith company that has diverse security and auto locksmith services to offer.

Ignition Rekey

For some people, they find that it is much easier to go to an auto dealer to get the ignition key replaced. However, you need to note that this will be quite expensive than going to a local locksmith.

We usually have a wide range of blank keys that are made for various models of vehicles on the market. As such, when you come to us, we will cut the keys ourselves and ensure that you have the right replacement for your car ignition.

Often we believe that because we are riding a motorcycle, we don’t need to have a professional motorcycle locksmith service available, but unfortunately, that just isn’t the case!

Premier Locksmith RGV have been helping motorcycle owners with their locksmith issues for many years, and if you are stuck without a key or a broken or damaged lock, they’ll be there fast to service.

All Types of Car Keys

If you have the modern laser cut keys, we will create a new key and reprogram it, such that it will work with your vehicle.

You do not need to pay so much money to get your car keys back from the auto dealers, allow us to get you back on the road.

Whichever model you need, we have the right equipment to replace car keys.


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